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Summer Schools in Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences

Summer Schools in Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences

Physic students: they will be included in the research groups focused into new initiatives of the laboratory, Mu2e experiments, g-2, Nova and other physic and neutrino experiments. Students could also be involved into the Fermilab group, which collaborates with the CSM experiment of CERN from Geneva, or in the Theory Group.

Engineering students: students will carry out their apprenticeship in the groups of the Acceleration Division, Technic Division and the Informatics Division of Fermilab.

Basic nuclear interactions and their link to nuclear processes in the cosmos and on earth

The school would have the target to create highly specialized professionals in various branches of research and development of geothermal…

Our Winter School is a practical, full-immersion course covering ultrastructural techniques that can be applied to the study of several…

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